(Easy Way) How to Straighten Pex Pipe


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to straighten pex pipe. But if you’re a plumber, or if you’ve ever had to do some plumbing repairs, you know that it can be a real pain to try to get those pesky pipes straightened out.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to do it. With a few simple tools and a little bit of know-how, you can straighten out

What is Pex Piping?

What is Pex Piping

Pex piping is a type of piping that is made from cross-linked polyethylene. This type of piping is often used in plumbing and radiant heating applications.

Pex piping is flexible, durable and easy to install. It is also more resistant to freezing and bursting than traditional metal or rigid plastic piping.

Pro & Cons PEX piping

Pro & Cons PEX piping

There are many different types of piping that can be used for plumbing, and PEX is one of the most popular options. PEX piping is made from a type of plastic that is very durable and flexible, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications compared to PVC pipe. PEX piping is also relatively easy to install, which makes it a good choice for do-it-yourselfers.

There are some pros and cons to using PEX piping.

it doesn’t corrode like other types of pipeit can be damaged by exposure to ultraviolet light, so it’s not recommended for use outdoors unless it’s properly protected from the sun
It’s also resistant to freezingPEX is also not compatible with all types of fittings and adapters, so you’ll need to make sure you have the right ones on hand before you start your project
PEX is also flexibility allows it to be routed around obstacles more easily than rigid pipe

Is it Possible to Straighten Curved Pex Pipes?

What is Pex Piping?

It is possible to straighten out curved Pex pipes, but it is not always necessary. Sometimes, the curvature of the pipe may be due to the manufacturing process and will not affect the function or performance of the pipe.

Other times, the curvature may be due to damage during installation, which can cause problems with the piping system. If you are unsure whether or not your Pex pipe needs to be straightened, it is best to consult a professional.

How to Straighten Pex Pipe

If you have ever worked with PEX piping, you know that it is a lot more flexible than traditional rigid pipe. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

The good news is that it is easy to install PEX in areas where traditional pipe would be difficult or even impossible to use. The downside is that PEX can sometimes become kinked or otherwise damaged, which can cause problems with the flow of water through the pipe on bathroom or kitchen.

1. Heat gun to straighten Pex

How do I straighten PEX?

The good news is that it is possible to straighten out most kinks in PEX pipe. You will need a few tools, including a heat gun and some patience.

This will quickly and easily straighten out the pipe so that it is ready for use. simply point the heat gun at the pipe and hold it in place until the pipe is straight.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Use the heat gun to gently heat the area around the kink. Do not overheat the pipe, as this can damage it.
  2. Once the area around the kink is warm, use your hands to slowly straighten out the pipe.
  3. If the kink is severe, you may need to use a manual or power-assisted tool to help straighten out the pipe. Be careful not to damage the pipe while doing this.
  4. Once you have straightened out the kink, use the heat gun to cool off the area around it. This will help prevent further damage to the pipe.

2. Pipe straightener

How do I straighten PEX? pipe straigheter

A pipe straightener is a tool that is specifically designed to help straighten PEX pipe. It works by using two rollers to slowly and evenly push the pipe through the device. As the pipe goes through, it becomes perfectly straight.

One of the great things about using a pipe straightener is that it doesn’t matter what size or type of PEX pipe you are using. Whether you have small diameter or large diameter pipe, a pipe straightener can help get the job done quickly and easily.

3. Homemade pex straightener

A pex pipe straightener is a simple tool that can be used to straighten out kinks in pex pipe. There are a few different ways that you can make a pex pipe straightener, but the most common method is to use a piece of wire or a hanger. Simply bend the wire or hanger into a U shape and then insert the pex pipe into the U. Gently pull on the wire or hanger until the kink in the pipe is gone.

Is it better to bend PEX or elbow?

Bending PEX pipe is generally considered to be the better option than using elbows, as it is less likely to result in leaks. Elbows are more likely to cause friction and constrict the flow of water, which can lead to leaks over time. Bending the pipe is also generally faster and easier than using elbows.

At what temperature will PEX burst?

PEX tubing is designed and manufactured for use with both hot and cold water applications. It can be used with drinking water or in radiant heating applications. PEX tubing is rated for up to 200 psi (pounds per square inch) at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. At higher temperatures, the pressure rating drops significantly. For example, PEX tubing is only rated for 80 psi at 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much can you safely bend PEX?

PEX tubing can be bent to a maximum of 90 degrees at a 2-inch radius. This can be increased to a 4-inch radius with some elbow grease. PEX can also kink, so it’s important not to bend it too sharply or force it into a too-tight space.

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