Best Electric Bikes Made In the USA


Electric bikes made in the USA. A remarkable resurgence of skilled artistry is unfolding in a realm of limitless innovation. A sleek, electric-powered contraption gracefully traverses urban roads, mountain paths, and picturesque routes. This is no ordinary bicycle; it is an electric bike, embodying the ideals of eco-friendly mobility and limitless liberation. However, what truly sets this voyage apart is that these electric bikes are proudly manufactured in the United States.

In a time characterized by a revival of American manufacturing, electric bicycles have emerged as a symbol of ingenuity and eco-friendliness. The appeal of skillful craftsmanship from the United States has revitalized the cycling industry.

What Is an Electric Bike?

A bicycle equipped with an electric motor and a battery is commonly known as an e-bike or electric bike. The purpose of this motor is to aid the rider in pedaling, providing an added boost of power to facilitate easier and more efficient cycling. It’s important to note that electric bikes are designed to supplement the rider’s pedaling efforts rather than replace them entirely, hence why they are often referred to as pedal-assist or power-assist bikes.

Key features and components of electric bikes:

Here are some key features and components of electric bikes:

1. Electric Motor

The electric motor is the heart of an e-bike. It’s usually located in one of three places:

  • The rear hub (rear-wheel drive)
  • The front hub (front-wheel drive)
  • The bottom bracket (mid-drive)

The motor’s power output can vary, but it’s typically in the range of 250 to 750 watts.

2. Battery

E-bikes have a rechargeable battery that powers the electric motor. The battery’s capacity is measured in watt-hours (Wh); a higher watt-hour rating generally means a longer range. Battery placement varies; they can be mounted on the frame, integrated into the frame, or removable for charging convenience.

3. Pedal-Assist System

E-bikes have sensors that detect when the rider is pedaling and how much force they apply. The electric motor then assists in proportion to the rider’s effort, making it easier to pedal uphill or maintain higher speeds.

4. Control Unit

Most e-bikes come with a control unit or display that allows the rider to select different levels of assistance, monitor battery status, and control other settings.

5. Throttle

Electric bikes can have different types of motors. Some are pedal assist, where you still need a pedal, but the motor helps reduce your effort. Others have a throttle on the handlebar, allowing you to activate the motor without pedaling. Outrider is an innovative company that caters to people with physical disabilities by creating electric bikes with a special feature – they have placed a throttle inside the seat. This enables individuals facing physical challenges to engage and easily utilize the motor’s assistance.

6. Frame and Components

Electric bicycles are designed with a bicycle frame and commonly incorporate conventional bicycle parts like gears, brakes, and wheels. They offer diverse styles to choose from, including city bikes, mountain bikes, and folding bikes.

7. Legal Regulations

E-bike regulations can differ significantly from one country or region to another. Many places enforce restrictions on the maximum power output, speed limits, and designated riding areas for e-bikes. It is important to stay informed about the laws and regulations applicable to e-bike use in your locality. Check also: USA Made Portable Generators.

Best Electric Bikes Made In USA

After realizing the demand for electric bikes made in America, it is crucial to discuss the top-notch brands. Our team thoroughly enjoyed investigating and evaluating all the items on this compilation, so pay attention! Here are the finest American-made electric bike brands awaiting your discovery!

Aventon Electric Bike

Aventon Electric Bike

Aventon stands out as a favored e-bike brand, with its roots in California and a portfolio of diverse electric bike offerings. While initially focused on introducing several e-bike models to the market, the company now prioritizes enhancing existing models and overall performance.

Aventon’s appeal lies in its commitment to meeting customer needs and preferences in conventional electric bikes. Their production process adheres to rigorous standards, resulting in models that offer excellent riding ranges, impressive speeds, and remarkable comfort.

The company caters to both daily commuters and recreational riders with its three primary e-bike models: Level, Pace, and Sinch. Aventon’s bikes are characterized by their essential features, avoiding unnecessary accessories that might drive up costs.

Aventon has established a unique position in the market by providing reasonably priced items that maintain high standards of quality and longevity. Among their offerings, the Level e-bike truly shines within its price category, showcasing a powerful 750W motor and an impressive maximum speed of 28 mph.

This model also includes convenient features such as a kickstand, fenders, a rear seat for another rider, and reliable hydraulic brakes. E-bike for your everyday travel needs, Aventon presents itself as an enticing option.

Electric Bike Company

Electric Bike Company

The Electric Bike Company is a prominent player in the electric bicycle industry. Based in California, this company is known for its commitment to crafting high-quality, customizable e-bikes that prioritize style, comfort, and performance. Their focus on customization allows customers to design an electric bike that suits their specific needs and preferences.

One of the standout features of the Electric Bike Company is its dedication to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials in their bike manufacturing process and have a vision of reducing the carbon footprint by adopting e-bikes as a mode of transportation.

The company’s e-bike offerings are not only stylish but also practical. They prioritize comfort and convenience, making their bikes suitable for various uses, including commuting, leisurely rides, and errand runs. The Electric Bike Company is known for its exceptional customer service, providing support and assistance to e-bike owners.

The Electric Bike Company is a California-based brand known for its customizable, high-quality e-bikes that prioritize style, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Their commitment to crafting eco-friendly electric bikes makes them a notable player in the e-bike industry.

HI Power Cycles

HI Power Cycles

In the bustling heart of Los Angeles, the story of Hi-Power Cycles unfolded in 2008. What began as a modest venture in a garage became a transformative journey when two enterprising brothers undertook the conversion and modification of a Schwinn mountain bike. This seemingly simple act was the spark that ignited the company’s creation.

The transformative moment for Hi-Power Cycles they have occurred when their modified e-bike found its way to the hands of a parole officer through an eBay transaction. The officer’s glowing review was a testament to the quality and innovation the brothers had infused into their creation. This positive feedback acted as the catalyst that propelled them forward. Soon, they were not just converting but actively producing and selling e-bikes, marking the inception of a significant venture.

As the demand for their e-bikes soared, 2010 witnessed a pivotal expansion for Hi-Power Cycles as they moved into a dedicated warehouse space. Here, they pioneered the development of lightweight lithium batteries for e-bikes, a groundbreaking innovation that set them apart. Their journey continued to evolve, creating a diverse range of e-bike models, including cargo and mountain bikes, catering to a broad spectrum of riders.

In 2012, Hi-Power Cycles elevated its commitment to innovation by establishing its own Los Angeles-based factory. Here, a dedicated team of craftsmen meticulously began to build their branded bikes from scratch, showcasing their dedication to quality and precision. Remarkably, every Hi-Power Cycles bike is assembled in-house, ensuring control and excellence that defines the brand.

Moreover, they proudly source some of their materials, such as frames and battery packs, right here in the United States, strengthening their commitment to American manufacturing and quality. This blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to excellence has firmly established Hi-Power Cycles as a trailblazer in e-bikes. Check also: Lawn Mower Made in USA.

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes

Founded in 2015, Rad Power swiftly earned a reputation for delivering exceptional quality in electric biking. However, one particular creation catapulted them into the limelight: the fat-tire e-bike.

While Rad Power may boast a limited array of models, its products possess the power to make a significant impact in the world of electric biking. Their e-bike lineup has clinched prestigious accolades, consistently earning the title ‘best e-bike’ in their respective categories. Although they might not dazzle with variety, the brand’s commitment to excellence shines brightly.

The Rad Mini and Rad City commuter bikes reign supreme among their offerings. Ideal companions for daily commutes and errand runs need to catch up when it comes to carrying capacity. For those seeking an e-bike that can haul more, Rad Power’s cargo model is an enticing option, trendy among eco-conscious individuals and efficient delivery professionals.

One can only discuss Rad Power by mentioning the iconic fat-tire e-bike, the beacon that catapulted them to fame. Each Rad Power model packs an extra punch, often equipped with a 750W motor or more. These bikes undergo meticulous planning before reaching the hands of eager riders, with updates designed to enhance an already stellar product. Rad Power delivers exceptional bikes without emptying your wallet, making them a remarkably affordable choice in e-bikes, where premium prices often prevail.

Lectric e-Bikes

Lectric e-Bikes

The Lectric journey commenced in Lakeville, Minnesota, when Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel, childhood companions, crossed paths. Their connection was established through virtual gaming sessions during their early years, leading to a profound bond that has endured over time.

Lectric eBikes is a prominent player in the electric bike industry, known for its commitment to providing high-quality, affordable e-bikes that cater to a diverse range of riders. Established to make electric biking accessible to a broader audience, Lectric has garnered a strong following for its innovative and reasonably priced offerings.

One of the standout products in their lineup is the Lectric XP, a versatile folding e-bike that has gained immense popularity. This model combines convenience with performance seamlessly, making it an excellent choice for urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts. With a robust motor and long-lasting battery, the Lectric XP allows riders to conquer various terrains and distances effortlessly.

What sets Lectric eBikes apart is its commitment to continuous improvement. They actively seek customer feedback to refine their products, resulting in e-bikes that are not only affordable, highly functional, and reliable. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their exceptional customer support and comprehensive warranty coverage.



Ride1Up is a notable American electric bike (e-bike) company that has been making waves in the e-bike industry since its establishment. Founded in 2018, Ride1Up has rapidly gained recognition and a loyal customer base due to its commitment to producing high-quality, affordable, and versatile e-bikes.

Based in San Diego, California, Ride1Up operates on a mission to provide accessible and eco-friendly transportation solutions. The company is passionate about electric bikes and focuses on creating models that cater to a wide range of riders, from daily commuters to outdoor enthusiasts. Their e-bikes are designed to enhance the cycling experience, making it more enjoyable, efficient, and eco-friendly.

Ride1Up offers a variety of e-bike models to suit different preferences and needs. Their e-bikes are equipped with powerful motors, long-lasting batteries, and user-friendly features that make riding a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a city commuter, a mountain bike, or a folding e-bike for easy storage and portability, Ride1Up has options.

Currently, Ride1Up offers a diverse collection of e-bike series and models, predominantly consisting of hybrid or city designs. These e-bikes are available in both step-through and step-over variations. Although Ride1Up is headquartered in San Diego, California, they procure their components worldwide. Their e-bikes are manufactured in Asia, where most of their components are also produced.

Trek Bike

Trek Bike

Established in 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Trek has emerged as a leading e-bike manufacturer, surpassing its competitors with its exceptional design that turns heads on the streets. Renowned for its rider-friendly approach, every Trek bike promises unmatched comfort and delightful rides.

The brand connects with enthusiasts through an engaging social media presence while sharing valuable insights through podcasts and an insightful blog on its website. Committed to promoting biking as an integral part of daily life, Trek’s passion for cycling resonates with customers who exclusively rely on this trusted company when purchasing new bikes.

Trek is the ultimate choice for those seeking a wide range of options. With an impressive lineup of 42 e-bike models, Trek surpasses most reputable American brands in variety. What sets Trek apart is its unique hybrid offering, making it the perfect choice for those searching for something truly unique.

Whether you need clarification on your specific needs or require a versatile electric bike, Verve and Allant are the go-to options for any task. While many bikes can handle light off-road rides, investing in a fat-tire bike is highly recommended if you’re a dedicated off-road enthusiast. These bikes boast exceptional weight distribution to minimize damage during rides and come with mind-blowing accessories.



It comes as no surprise that Specialized, headquartered in California, produces top-notch e-bikes. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1974, the company possesses unparalleled expertise in designing and constructing bike components. Specialized is a formidable brand and one of the largest in the nation.

Rest assured, all manufacturing takes place in California, ensuring that your investment guarantees prime quality for your hard-earned money—Currently, Specialized offers seven turbo e-bike models to the US market. The company focuses on delivering exceptional performance that sets their bikes apart from the competition.

Specialized has a diverse range of seven e-bikes available. Among them, four are specifically designed for road usage, indicating a clear focus on meeting the needs of commuting customers. On the other hand, three models fall into the ‘active’ category and excel in off-road adventures with their exceptional durability and resilience. Rest assured that even under extreme conditions, these electric bikes will never let you down.

Specialized caters to bikers who crave the latest technology and premium accessories with their constantly evolving innovations. This dedication ensures that Specialized e-bikes consistently secure a place in every top-10 list nationwide. While they may not offer affordable options like other brands, Specialized compensates by providing unmatched quality and superior design that justifies its price point.



Established and headquartered in California in 2011, Addmotor joins the ranks of other prominent e-bike companies we’ve previously mentioned. Their mission is simple – to provide regular bikers with top-notch e-bike options that surpass expectations. Despite its enigmatic name, which lacks an explicit meaning, one can infer that Addmotor takes a literal approach by adding motors to conventional bicycles.

This means that their e-bikes undoubtedly elevate the performance of ordinary pedal-operated bikes. Standing out in the US market, Addmotor primarily crafts fat-tire e-bikes. While all their offerings fall into this category, each model serves a distinct purpose and caters to diverse needs.

Addmotor embraces diversity in its e-bike offerings by presenting many models with distinct specifications and designs that cater specifically to various biker groups. Whether you are a city dweller seeking convenience or an adventurous soul craving off-road exploration, Addmotor has covered you with their city, foldable, trike, cruiser, and hybrid bikes!

The primary objective is to ensure that bikers can effortlessly choose the terrain they desire while enjoying the utmost comfort throughout their ride. Another aspect where Addmotor excels is in providing customers with the freedom to select their preferred frame design.

As if that’s not enough reason for excitement, these remarkable e-bikes come at affordable prices despite boasting unique features like astonishing battery range and motor power! Furthermore, for maximum convenience and ease of use, customers can opt for either step-over or step-thru foldable bikes based on their preferences.



Himiway e-Bikes stands out as a prominent player in the electric bike industry, known for its commitment to providing an affordable yet high-quality e-biking experience. Founded in 2017 and based in California, the brand has rapidly gained recognition for its dedication to making e-bikes accessible to many riders.

One of Himiway’s defining characteristics is its diverse lineup of e-bike models. Whether navigating city streets, embarking on off-road adventures, or simply commuting to work, there’s a Himiway e-bike tailored to your needs. The brand’s versatility ensures that riders can explore various terrains with ease and confidence.

Affordability remains a hallmark of Himiway e-Bikes. Despite the advanced technology and performance features found in their e-bikes, the brand maintains competitive pricing, breaking down barriers to entry into the world of e-biking. This affordability factor has been pivotal in making eco-friendly transportation accessible to a broader audience.

Robust electric motors, extended battery life, and the inclusion of fat tires for enhanced performance characterize Himiway’s e-bikes. These features empower riders to conquer challenging terrain, maintain higher speeds, and enjoy comfortable journeys. Furthermore, the brand’s customer-centric approach and commitment to promoting eco-friendly transportation solidify its reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking choice for e-bike enthusiasts.

Electric Bikes Accessories

Accessories for electric bikes or e-bikes can greatly enhance your riding experience and make your journeys more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. Here are some of the best accessories for electric bikes:

  1. Helmet: Safety should always be a priority. Invest in a high-quality helmet that fits well and provides adequate protection for your head.
  2. Bike Lock: Protect your e-bike from theft with a sturdy lock. Consider a durable chain lock or a folding lock that’s easy to carry.
  3. Lights: Ensure visibility, especially when riding at night. LED front and rear lights improve safety; many e-bikes have integrated lighting systems.
  4. Fenders: These help keep you dry and clean when riding on wet or muddy terrain. They also protect your bike from dirt and debris.
  5. Rear Rack: A rear rack can be useful for carrying cargo, whether groceries, a backpack, or pannier bags. Make sure it’s compatible with your e-bike.
  6. Pannier Bags: These attach to the rear rack and provide storage space for your belongings. Look for waterproof options if you often ride in the rain.
  7. Bike Bell: Alert pedestrians and other cyclists of your presence with a bell or horn. This is especially important on shared paths and trails.
  8. Phone Mount: Mount your smartphone to your handlebars for easy navigation and access to fitness apps. Ensure it’s secure and adjustable for various phone sizes.
  9. Gloves: Riding gloves provide grip, comfort, and protection from the elements. Look for models with touchscreen-compatible fingertips.
  10. Handlebar Grips: Ergonomic grips provide comfort during long rides and reduce hand fatigue.
  11. Bike Computer: Track your speed, distance, and other ride metrics with a bike computer. Some e-bikes come with integrated displays that offer similar functions.
  12. Bike Cover: Protect your e-bike from the elements when it’s not in use with a waterproof bike cover.

How fast can electric bikes go?

E-bikes typically have a maximum speed of 20 mph, but there are variations with speeds ranging from 30 to 45 mph. Additionally, one model can reach an impressive top speed of 60 mph. It’s important to note that these higher speeds are only allowed in specific contexts.

What makes American made e-bikes stand out?

American e-bikes are renowned for their exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology. These bikes are meticulously crafted, incorporating top-of-the-line components like suspension forks, rear racks, fat tires, and custom frames. Their limited production ensures personalized customization and meticulous attention to detail.

Are there many made in the USA electric bikes?

The production of e-bikes in the USA is restricted compared to the abundance of mass-produced ones abroad. Nonetheless, the American-made e-bikes stand out for their superior quality and groundbreaking technology.

Why do some electric bikes cost more?

The inclusion of premium components is evident in their bikes. They use top-notch batteries and motors from renowned brands like Bosch and Shimano, which results in enhanced power and extended range, reaching up to 90 or 120 miles. In contrast, more budget-friendly bicycles typically offer a limited range of 15-20 miles. Nevertheless, this disparity may only hold a little significance if your daily travel distance is short.

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